AIESEC : Youth Global Entrepreneurship Programs and Internships


1689337_10153895666790433_1050389129_nAIESEC is the world’s largest youth run not-for-profit organization. Set up in India in 1983, it helps students become career ready by learning relevant skills in a practical environment. It provides a leadership platform to people all over the world. We look at the world as a globalized village by sending and receiving people to work on internships from all over the world. in 2014 itself, AIESEC in Delhi University has hosted 130 interns.

AIESEC in Delhi University’s Youth Global Entrepreneurship Program aims at providing leadership opportunities while simultaneously impacting society in a big way. Students are enabled to go for internships abroad for a period of around a month, where they work on real life issues that challenge various countries. This helps college students stand out from the crowd and have a great CV, which helps them later on in their careers. Our projects include: Healthcare projects like iCan, Genesis & the Blue Cell Project. These projects boost cultural understanding and awareness like Worldview and a summer camp

Human rights projects like Project Castaway, Footprints and the Global Poverty Projects stand out of the college crowd by interning abroad and making your CV shine. AIESEC in Delhi University’s Youth Global Entrepreneurship Program (YGEP) let’s you travel to countries all over the world, like Russia, South Africa, China, Mexico, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many more! If you’re interested in leaving an impact on society, you’re looking at the right place.

 All internship involves interns interacting in their local environment as a group or as individuals. They live with other interns from all over the world, thus equipping themselves with skills that go much beyond careers, and instil values of coexistence and teamwork. The best part about these internships is, there isn’t any formal requirement as such, besides having a set of Basic English skills to ease one’s stay abroad. People of any age, with any degree can go during the year. Since all internship lasts a little over a month, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about other cultures and explore a different country.

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