Amazon Kinesis Now In Public Beta


As mentioned in our previous post “Amazon’s New Kinesis“, the company’s new data streaming analytics platform is now in public beta,it provides an easy way to process fast moving data in real-time and allows developers to build real-time apps without managing the complexity of multiple clusters.

Amazon is trying to pit Kinesis against Hadoop which has relied on batch-processing approach whereas, Kinesis buffers massive amounts of streaming data into a storage system with checkpoints to ingest and process these workloads in real time.

“When we set out to build Amazon Kinesis, we wanted to eliminate the cost, effort, and expertise barriers that have prevented our customers from processing streaming data in real-time,” said Terry Hanold, Vice President, Cloud Commerce, AWS. “We’ve gotten great feedback from our preview customers, and it’s inspiring to see the innovative ways customers are using Amazon Kinesis, across applications as diverse as gaming, mobile, advertising, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, and financial services.”


Amazon Kinesis has simple pay as you go pricing, which is easy to estimate. There are no up-front costs, no minimum fees and you’ll only pay for the resources you consume.A single shard of throughput will allow you to capture 1MB per second of data, at up to 1,000 PUT transactions per second (the ingest rate) at up to 50k per PUT, and enable your processing applications to read data at up to 2 MB per second (the egress rate),inbound data transfer is free and hourly shard rate is $0.015.

Amazon Kinesis also comes with a pre-built client library (Kinesis Client Library) that simplifies load balancing, coordination and fault tolerance, enabling you to focus on building core business application logic.AWS customers can begin accessing Kinesis via the AWS Management Console or through an API call.

If it works as advertised it will greatly simplify cluster operations and there is a low entry barrier to AWS as compared to Hadoop which can be counted as positive.However, Hadoop has a huge ecosystem behind it and there already exist Yarn which provide real time processing capability.

You can read more about it here.

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