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Amazon Takes Away Access To Purchased Content,Apologizes


When you buy some digital content from Amazon or stores like iTunes,Do you really own that content? DRM has always been criticized by people like Cory Doctorow,originator of terms like Doctorow’s Law: “Anytime someone puts a lock on something you own, against your wishes, and doesn’t give you the key, they’re not doing it for your benefit.

However, this time it was one of the worst case scenarios where Amazon went and blocked access to already bought content,the content that existed on users’ device. In a post on his site boingboing.net he posts an account from a customer who said:

Last “December I bought some favorite Christmas specials for my kids with the idea they could watch them every year. Went tonight to watch one (‘Disney Prep and Landing 2‘ if you’re curious) and it was gone from our library and couldn’t be found on the site at all.

Amazon has explained to me that Disney can pull their content at any time and ‘at this time they’ve pulled that show for exclusivity on their own channel.’ In other words, Amazon sold me a Christmas special my kids can’t watch during the run up to Christmas. It’ll be available in July though!”

And surely enough the movie is not available on Amazon.

DisneyPrepand Landing


Actually, Amazon has a track record of pulling things from customers’ device as in 2009 where it pulled Two George Orwell books from a Kindle after selling them to the customer.

Here is what original customer says happened after he complained to Amazon rep:

To be fair, the Amazon rep gave me a very generous credit to watch something else, recognizing that this is a suck policy.

But at a minimum, beware, somewhere buried in the legalese is the right for Amazon and partners to pull content away from you, even content you specifically paid for, anytime they want.

Maybe this is standard in the new digital world and not limited to Amazon. If so, screw the new digital world and give me a physical copy.

So, next time you buy stuff beware it can very well happen to you.

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