Apple Devices To Have Solar Cells


solar_iphone_2013_ces3-600x300If there is one thing about Apple worth betting on, it is their tendency to never stop innovating. They recently celebrated 30 years of their functioning and yet, there are clear indications that Apple may go green in the upcoming years. Based on their pending patents, it is clear that Apple devices may all have solar cells in them.

Smart glass, or electrochromic glass would be the key component. This glass, judging by how much light falls on it, will filter in the light. The photovoltaic cells under it will use this light to generate power for the battery. That is how the cells would charge themselves. In case more power is needed, the glass would open up more, giving a new dimension to the word smart glass.

This cell was designed on the base of a rear facing touch controls, the kind which is found on gamer’s devices. This means that this smart glass would be placed behind the cell phone where the hand rests and there are curves to grip the device properly.

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