Apple’s iBooks and iTunes U course Manager Now in India


 course_pageApple is a name everyone even remotely connected with the technology world knows. The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear apple is the sleek grey machine fabled to never catch a virus, never to breakdown and provide with awesome software and superior output in any project made on the machine.

Apple has another side to its huge market which only a selected group of people know about. It’s the iBooks and iTunes U course Manager. The educational side of apple is covered by these two products. A lot of teachers have already profited by them during their teaching tenure. Also, many students find it useful to have a book designed for their machines exclusively.

Apple has now, in its goal to gain total global coverage, reached 51 countries including Brazil and Japan. iBooks is available in 51 countries whereas iTunes U course Manager is available in around 70 countries including India, Russia and Thailand.

Eddy Cue, their  SVP of Internet Software and Services said that  “We can’t wait to see how teachers in even more countries will create their new lesson plans with interactive textbooks, apps and rich digital content.” Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has noted that iPad has 94% of the market share of tablets in the educational field. Reaching out to more countries will definitely shine up Apple’s image more.

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