Apple’s iWatch


Apple never ceases to amaze the audience worldwide. After having such a tremendous grasp on computer users all over the world, it now wants to turn its attention towards fitness and health.

The much rumored iWatch programme of Apple is still hiring experts to make it a better application. The iOS 8 which will launch later this year will be fitness centered and at the centre of this idea is iWatch. The company has hired on Marcelo Malini Lamego, the former CTO of medical device company Cercacor, to serve as a medical sensor expert, according to NetworkWorld.article-2277319-17874486000005DC-752_634x370

Masimo’s former chief medical officer and executive VP for medical affairs came onboard in last summer for iWatch, but 9to5mac says that it is not the only reason he has come.

iWatch will be used to track body movements and keep an eye on the health and vital signs of the user.

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