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By | January 4, 2014

Innovation has no boundaries and so gone are the limits of the human world that goes with it. The only limits we set forth are those which lie in our minds. With the ever increasing use of technology the gap between the real and the virtual world has reduced drastically. More and more amazing gizmos are coming forth and attracting attention of the masses. Amidst such competitive products is one that deserves attention and growing up as a latest trend- a small pair of smart glasses giving you an amazing experience.

The pair of glasses I write to you about have however gone a step ahead in bringing you closer to reality. There are two major features that make this device really special –its weight and its expected cost. Before we come to know what amazing features this device brings about let us hear about it from Shankar Sastry, Dean of Engineering, UC Berkley. He says “There are a lot of product and start-up ideas that come up at Atheer labs and many of them just seem to change the state of the art or they have some noble idea. In 2011, came an idea that was far out- to provide gesture recognition to be able to provide for a new way to interact with computers. Over the course of two years Atheer labs pulled together a diverse team of scientists and engineers who came out and made this amazing product a reality. ”

At Atheer Labs they wanted to create a truly mobile system which will give all the power to connect the virtual world with the real world.

Atheer Glasses -Technology

It has state of the art snapdragon 800 processor. It has the ability to connect to all kind of devices such as HDMI, USB , Wi-Fi etc. It gives you a very natural high resolution experience. It consists of a 36 degree field view, a 3D depth sensor, Dual SMP cameras, 1048×784 per eye resolution and gets connected through wi-fi, BT, GPS and comprises of even a micro SD expansion.

Atheer glass

Besides the most amazing part of it is that the lenses are interchangeable and you have a depth sensor. Another thing that makes it all interesting is that it weighs just 75 grams. It does not make you feel like you have put on some gear for that awesome experience it delivers. Even being low on cost is a special factor.

It has a huge screen appearance gives a large virtual platform unlike Google glasses. It helps you touch objects and feel like you handle them making it surprisingly interesting.

Hope you are sport for that amazing experience this technology has made so easily mobile and that very spirit will atheer glassesget the world closer to us. The want of the human spirit has made us wander for that amazing reality which we would like to see through god-gifted eyes and right from the comfort of our homes. I leave you informed about this amazing product that would steer your way towards having a differently enabled immersive 3D experience.

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