Benevolent Business Baron- Azim Hashim Premji


In a market driven society where everybody is found running after wealth and tries to have as much of it as can be possible, nobody can think of human virtues like sacrifice, fellow feeling ,compassion, brotherhood, etc.Those who are  rich want to reach the sky,whereas those who are poor only look up to have the glimpse of the sky.But not everybody believes in the way of the world and there are people who think differently to bring about a considerable change in the lot of people who do not have either the will or means to come out of the limitations.In the select group of such extraordinary personalities one name acquires a permanent place Mr.Azim Hashim Premji, a conglomerate that has stake in a number of sectors like toiletries lighting products,hydraulic cylinders and computer hardware.

 Mr.Premji was forced in to family business at the young age of 21 when his father suddenly died in the year 1966.He had just done his B.E from Stanford university in Electrical Engineering,But he did not act like a novice and ran the business like a seasoned business leader.His business skills became public when in 2000.He was declared the second richest person in the world with $ 38 billion , next only to Mr.Bill Gates ,chairman ,Microsoft Corp.He had also had the honour of being rated the richest person in the country from 1999 to 2005 by forbes.Today he is the third richest Indian in the world after Mr.Mukesh Ambani and Mr.Lakshmi N.Mittal respectively with a net worth of 15.9 billion according to the Forbes Rich List.

 Mr.Premji conducts his philanthropic activities through the Azimpremji Foundation and according to this foundation on February 22,2013, Mr.Premji had transferred Rs.12,300 crore worth of personal shares to the trust.This came on the top of the transfer the Azim premji foundation’s shareholding in wipro has gone up to about 19.93 percent.Mr.premji and his family hold about 75 percent of the shares in wipro which has a revenue of $ 7 billion. the philanthropic gesture of Mr.Premji has not gone unnoticed.The giving pledge campaign led by Mr.Warren Buffett and Mr.Bill Gates has already named Mr.Premji among billionaires around the world who have committed a majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

Mr.Premji foundation, over the last two years ,has done a slew of activities in education which includes establishment of Azim premji university in Bengaluru and institutes in three states and seven districts.Seven more district level institutes are in various stage of formation.According to the foundation ,60 district level institutes and 8 state level institutes will be opened by it across india by 2016.

 The success of great soul like Mr.premji lies not only in his business leadership by establishing new benchmarks for success but also in pursuit of values and principles. over the years ,Mr.Premji has received many honours and accolades.He had received  the awards Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

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