BlackBerry Sues Ryan Seacrest’s Start-up Over iPhone Keyboard…


You see a round edged rectangle with a circle in the bottom part, you remember iPhone. You see sleek keys with a rectangle on top filled with some spots, you remember blackberry. Each of these designs is the proud intellectual property of the respective company. But just imagine an iPhone with those sleek keys

 That is exactly what has happened. Typo products, a startup cofounded and funded by tv host Ryan Seacrest has made a keyboard case similar to blackberry’s and that too for iPhone. This has started some arguments between Blackberry and Typo products.

 Blackberry claims that their intellectual property has been unlawfully used. They have no problem with the design but they say that proper legal permissions and procedures should have been followed to release this. According to them, it is an infringement on their assets. Typo products, on the other hand decline to take responsibility for anything. They say that Blackberry’s claim is without merit and has no solid stand. They say that they will defend their case vigorously.

 Typo, on their official website does not refer to Blackberry directly in anyway. The case has been filed in the Northern District of California. The product as designed by American idol fame Ryan Seacrest and his friend Laurence Hallier. Ryan was of the thought that businessmen had to carry two phones, one for typing and one for other purposes. His product makes this very easy in just one phone.

The product was launched in December 2013. Blackberry has said in strict words that they will not allow this product to be in market for long, though it has not yet been removed, pending the case. This case means a lot for Blackberry as well as Typo products. According to Typo, this product is a culmination of their research and handwork for some years now. In that case it will be a huge loss for them if they lose. On the other hand, Blackberry has, for some time now, been losing its hold on the cell-phone market to companies like Apple and Google consistently.

If truth be told, the case does bear some resemblance to the Blackberry Z10 keypad, but is it a direct copy or just an inspired product of sorts is yet to be determined.

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