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Chirag Dodiya-19 year old and Founder of Plorez, Micro SEO Masters and Eprobe


1) Chirag tell us something about yourself?28e83692b446c3798e2118a3af5170f0

I am 19  and  a student of BMS (Bachelors in Management Studies) from Mumbai University. I have been working for the past 4 years. I started my first venture when I was 16 years old into the IT industry. I have worked with more than 30 companies and organizations till now. I have been part of multiple NGO and trying my best to contribute towards the future.

2) How it all started that you got such deep passion for entrepreneurship at such a young age?

Honestly, when I founded my first venture at the age of 16, I didn’t even know that the word Entrepreneurship existed in the dictionary. It was always felt as the right thing to do. I just took a deep breath and went ahead in the journey that I am most proud to walk through right now and meet the people who are very beloved to me. The credit goes to the fellow entrepreneurs who I met online and just one thing led to another.

The best part about entrepreneurship is that you are always trying to lift other people up and taking them down like any other industry such as Finance or Corporate. That is the thing that attract me towards entrepreneurship and of course following your passion is always the coolest thing to do.

 3) What are your few starts up?

I have been working with and launching my own projects for the past 4 years. The first one was Eprobe when I was 16 years old. Started out with local clients and now expanding into global.

  • Eprobe Web Solution (launched in 2011)
  • Micro SEO Masters (2012) (Now merged with Plorez)
  • Plorez (March 2013)
  • Global Youth Forum (September 2013)
  • Open Enterprise Space (Jan 2014)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Mindset (Feb 2014)

4) Who is your role model and what are few of your major achievements?

Apart from the usual family and friends, my greatest inspiration is Richard Branson, the king of serial entrepreneurs. He has taught me a lot about how to do business the right way and what are the problems you might face when launching a new business. The hardest part is that when and how you should move on to the next business model. On the other side, I am quite inspired by Mark Zuckerberg, The infamous founder of Facebook. He has the greatest potential of launching a business and taking it in the global scale.

Some of my major achievements include (they are not the usual achievements you find in a career, but I do consider them as achievements):

  • Working with and on 5 ventures at a time when I was 17 years old
  • Working with 30 companies and organizations in the past 2 years of my IT career
  • Featured on more than 8 online magazines
  • Featured in the book Miracle Minds along with 14 other undergraduates who dare to take their own path.
  • Tagged as a serial young entrepreneur.

5) You are such a bright student still why you did not join top institutions for studies like many other young pals?

Well, first of all, that’s a very nice question. Many people have asked me the same question and I am willing to answer this one. From the beginning of my career, it has been more about executing things and not about the degree or a paper that might decide my future. I have never believed that a paper will decide my future. So I have opted for the best option for my education in which I myself find very challenging and best for the current situation. I have learned IT as a self taught and I am learning every single day but in the near future knowledge is good, but management knowledge is a must if you want to launch a global business. That’s the reason I have opted for BMS right now. I am still 19 so I have planned to study in IIM or an international university. If only I find it as a good use of my time and challenging.

6) Did you ever face any resource constraints? If yes, please describe along with how did you overcome that?

I have faced resource constraints at times. I have been doing the first 2 years of business from home. I didn’t have a good office or a full time salaried person who will work on time and maintain their schedule. It was very hard, but at the same time it helped me to find the best people who are dedicated and can complete the work no matter where they live.

7) I saw your comment about the whole education system on a social media platform. Do you think our education system needs an overhaul?

I am not against the current education system, but I think it lacks some of the most important ingredients that a student needs. It gives more emphasize on the studies and not about what the student wants to learn. The current system teaches things that are obsolete and you probably won’t need to use it for the rest of your life. I think that the studies should be streamlined and up to date with the recent trends of the market. Along with that the university should emphasize more on enhancing the practical knowledge of the student rather than making him a bookworm because the real world is far from what you learn in the book.

8) How have you managed funds for your ventures till date?

I am kind of a control freak. I don’t care much about money but when it comes to business I have been using CRM and other management tools for keeping track of my funds and calculating the expenses of my ventures. You are only good as the money you invest.

9) How do you manage studies, classes and CEO?

I am not a bookworm as you already know, but it’s quite manageable as being an average student in college. Sometimes it does get rough as you don’t have enough time to study while you are working on ventures or projects. I have a simple rule when it comes to exam. I start one day before the exam as it helps also helps me to learn about how to tackle emergencies. On the other hand that’s not always the case. I leverage most of my spare time in learning.
I have seen many youngsters who talk about they want to drop out of college and work on their startup, full time in hopes of being the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. I suggest them not to take that step. Not everyone is born to be as rich as those successful people. Only %1 of people is lucky enough to crack that secret and be lucky enough to live a lavish life. My question to you is that if you can’t even manage your studies with work, how you will be able to manage multiple clients or big projects. It’s just about how you manage your time.

10) What are your future plans?

Well, the future might be filled with certainties, but not the vision. I have plans to take my current business in the national level and then take it to the international stage. We are working on many projects that are very important and will be my ticket to the global market. Fingers crossed…

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