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the-social-media-revolution-in-remarkable-facts-figures-video--6aab24e48bWe live in an age that is correctly termed as the ‘social media revolution’ due to an extensive  use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. But how long will it survive? The constant innovation and creativity that has been implemented by Facebook in the last 6 years, may seem to us that Facebook has a long way to go and may be one of the biggest  by 2020. The reasons for the same maybe pointed out as below :

More than just a social network: Considering the immense popularity with the pages run by different organizations, Facebook by 2020 would not be just a social networking site. For instance, all the information about a particular product of a company or the important news around the world would be transmitted via facebook. This would make the printed newspaper obsolete while getting the entire news report with just a click from your smartphone/ tablet/ laptop.

Bank Accounts on Facebook: You may no longer visit any online shopper or even Amazon for that matter to buy e-books. Well, everyone could have a bank account with Facebook and Facebook will have applications (much better and faster interface as compared to current applications) supporting a wide range of products/ service from e-books to magazines to games, which would enable a person to purchase what he wishes to and Facebook will accordingly debit the money for the same, thus rendering e-shopping obsolete, and a much better experience.

UntitledSearch Engine:  With the advancement of technology use by Facebook, it will have a wide array of applications, pages, information and data. Since, Facebook would be visually more appealing than Google, as its search engine may provide a short summary (including text, images, statistics, etc) of every  sub-link it opens, Facebook may end up being a better search engine. This would also help people avoid visiting multiple sites since you could search via Facebook search engine and get data via Facebook Pages.



Having its own “Facebook Office”: Facebook can have its own version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other office functions enabling a more effective way to read, capture and analyze data searched via Facebook Search Engine and also store the necessary ones via “Facebook My Store.”

Example: Connecting The Dots!!

Suppose you have to give a presentation on a particular topic in your school/ industry. For that, in 2013 you need to have Google, Microsoft PowerPoint and other office functions, YouTube, Cell Phones & Gmail/company mail  (for communication) and also memory storage in your hard drive. In 2020, all you need is just Facebook. As soon as you get a topic, you search via Facebook Search Engine. You then capture and analyze data via Facebook Office and embed the videos searched on FaceVideo to your Facebook Mail and send it to your colleague/ associate. Also, since Facebook has the option of calling your friend for free, you can accordingly establish a voice/video call via facebook enabling cost-free communication. This eases up the current complexity as the entire procedure happens via single platform, ‘Facebook’.

Download Food via Facebook: While ordering food from a restaurant, you first go online (for eg:, to check the menu. After that, search for the contact number of the restaurant and then place an order. Now via Facebook food, one can simply view the menu, select particular items on the menu itself in the built application, place an order and pay via Facebook bank.

As soon as the order is placed, Facebook will provide a countdown for delivery service, as restaurants would be provided with the encoding key to enter the data on the Facebook Food App . It is analogous to downloading a movie via Internet that displays the time remaining and once the countdown shows zero, “DING DONG”, the food is at your doorsteps. Or maybe even better, when you visit the restaurant, your table is reserved and even the food is served as per the countdown timer. So, whenever you are in a hurry, you neither wait for the service time nor for the payment time (as you have already paid via your Facebook bank).


Face Travel: Face Travel will offer more customized journeys to its users depending on the duration of your visit, the location of your residence/hotel and the reviews given by the fellow users. Apart from this, booking rail/ air/ bus tickets between international or local regions would help Face Travel gain much more popularity.

Hence, Facebook will help you connect better with your friends, but more importantly it will serve as a single platform replacing the term ‘Internet’ with ‘Facebook’.

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