DataStickies-This is how you carry your world!


In this fast moving world of abundant data storage it wouldn’t be very surprising to find easier and convenient ways of storing data. People in all walks of life have to deal with data that is digital and vital in nature and its usage. How irritating is it when you reach your workplace and find that you left your pen drive at home containing all that needed for your day’s work?

Well here is something that will not only put an end to that problem of yours but also make you that edge of carrying your data more conveniently and easily like never before. To introduce the Data Stickies concept let me show you this picture.


Oh yes in case you guessed it, you guessed it right. These stickers you see on the screen are indeed the next generation approach of carrying data like never before. It is easy to use and most convenient to carry. You don’t have to even remember carrying it in your bags or wallet- just go ahead and stick them on. Another great advantage of these Data Stickies are that these are highly disposable and for people who carry really sensitive information these would act like a boon for an investment.Untitled

How about carrying it this way? Cool isn’t it? One for office one for persona use and its simple sleek stylish and not to forget trendy. Parag Anand and Aditi Singh are the Red Dot Design Award winners for this concept. They look like sticky note tabs.

These little gadgets contain two-dimensional honey comb structures of carbon. These are made of the material called grapheme. If you are wondering as to how much of information these can store well they are ultra thin to look at but can store huge amounts of data.

UntitledNow speculating things one of the most obvious question that springs up would be how would you use it with your laptop? Well it’s simple; you just need to connect it to the computer’s optical data transfer surface (ODTC). The reusable conducive used in it helps to connect them. An amazing little gadget can solve your everyday problems of data storage and more importantly the carrying part of it.

How about the concept of carrying notes in your books and I don’t Untitledmean the paper and pen notes- the e-notes of the digital era- the PPT’s, the word documents , the to-do lists, the planners and all that the student and business community could use can be put into categories- home, work etc.

In this digital world of micro gadgets this is one such innovation which can change the way we use data and revolutionize the way we hold and carry it.

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Priyo Ranjan

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).