Decoding AAP: An Entrepreneurs’ Way


1970794_495592180477262_985722645_nThe rise of Aam Aadmi Party was a perfect learning for any entrepreneur around the world. I wouldn’t have been surprised if their story became an entrepreneur bible! But wisely said, with power comes the responsibilities and when you dilute your responsibilities, power can not stand with you for long.

 What led to the AAP-Rise?

Targeting the pain of society: In entrepreneurship classroom, the first lesson or mantra for a successful product is to segment it in market where people do not have options and are not satisfied. The similar thing by luck or chance happened with AAP. They came to politics when the common man was suffering from a decade of misrule and corruption. The AAP simply hit the bull’s eye by making its manifesto around the pains of society.

Market always welcomes options: No matter how strong the competitors are, a free market always welcomes the new entrant provided the segmentation is right.

Branding was focused: Since day 1, AAP people knew that they do not have a competency to change economy neither do they have any vision for making delhi a world city but the only thing they were confident was to create transparency in system which after elections leaves a big question mark. As an entrepreneur, we are taught to figure out how our product will benefit the society and create the branding and marketing campaigns around it.

 The AAP-Fall!

 Again I say: With great power, comes greater responsibilities.

AAP was given a platform from where they could have not only sent a very powerful message of governance to Indian political class but to the world. They actually bit their foot!

No matter where ever you are in world, the first lesson for entrepreneurship is to start small, prove it there seek for VC/Investments, grow big. In this process, AAP definitely started small but they did not prove themselves before chalking out national agenda and eagerness. I just simply don’t understand, what led to such a thought that without serving your responsibility for even a month, you see a national vision, a complete entrepreneur disaster!

 Their choupal turned out to be a complete mess with Mr. Kejriwal addressing public from roof! This led us to believe in experience more than the immature way of handling issues. Mr. Modi’s ‘Swaagat’ an online system for grievance redressal has been a UN award program and lessons can be taken from Mr. Modi’s journey where he proved himself extensively in a state for 12 years and then went on to the national stage. Doing so, his visions and manifesto adds a lot of weight and belief.

When someone like Dr. Kiran Bedi openly says that my vote is for Narendra Modi, It has a lot of sense behind. People are willing to give you more power if you prove yourself more in what you are offered. Similarly, In entrepreneurship journey, an investor sees the volume of work you doing and how you are doing. He will never put his money on your intentions, no matter how good they are.

Closing with a small advice to Mr. Kejriwal and his people, People of delhi had expectations from you, but you left them for a reason good or bad but kindly try to live with the belief of proving and doing as in Geeta, its said – Karma Pradhan hai! (Work is a priority)

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Siddharth Maheshwari

The author is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, a computer engineer and have been close to the startup community.

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