Discovering Hope


1619154_1420693748185039_178068512_nAIESEC has always attempted to create a platform for the youth to engage in socially relevant causes along with their leadership development experience. AIESEC in Delhi University is organizing a socio-cultural event- Discovering Hope, aimed towards engaging the audience in a music, dance and theatre cultural festival for cancer awareness. The event will target an audience of 500 school and college students across Delhi and will witness participation of college students and societies.

The event is also aimed towards supplementing AIESEC’s core product of facilitating international internships ie: providing internship opportunities to international interns in and facilitating internships for Indian students in the 110 countries AIESEC is thriving. The Development Sector of AIESEC DU is partnered with NGOs such as The Indian Cancer Society, Centre for Social Research, DAAI Care Foundation, International Council of Jurists to name a few. They hope to convert this event into a successful pre-event for our development internship projects. The proceeds of this event will be used to assist in the internship process with our clients.

AIESEC event also hopes to encourage students to volunteer with NGOs working with cancer patients and educate them about the risk factors and diagnosis of cancer.

Event Objectives

1. Cancer awareness amongst the youth through cultural performances. 2. To create a sense of social responsibility by encouraging the youth to volunteer with our partnered organizations or work for NGOs in India and abroad working for the same cause. 3. To facilitate AIESEC DU’s Development Internship Projects with our NGO clientele and assist the process of exchange by providing them international interns from AIESEC’s pool of 110 countries. 4. To help Corporates understand and implement the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, by partnering with us for this event, and participating in it as well. Program In Brief Date: 13th April, 2014 Venue: New Delhi Institute of Management

  • Hospital Presentation
  • Band performance
  •  Music recitals
  • Presentation by international interns
  • Videos and Documentaries
  • Presentation by E-Cigarette company


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