Entrepreneurship Lessons From Narendra Modi


ummat-6When the world is looking at the electoral decision of world’s largest democracy, the man leading the race has surely  got many entrepreneurship lessons to be learnt from his administrative and innovative style of governance for entrepreneurs.

1.     When the going gets tough, tough gets going:

 The claims of development which Mr. Modi makes have taken a lot of tough time to become a reality. When he joined as CM he had to go through the previous communal structure of Gujarat followed by devastating earthquake in Bhuj, His leadership qualities and decisive nature helped him and Gujarat to overcome the tough times and look ahead for working as a model state.

As an entrepreneur, we face a lot of issues when we start our journey, sometimes it’s the parents and relatives who keep pulling you back or sometimes the resource and financial structure just doesn’t work out and that is a turning point in an entrepreneurship journey. The one who cant fight, fail. The one’s who stand tall  and show leadership skills are winners.

 2.     Make a Castle out of stones thrown to you

 Mr. Modi happens to be one of the most scrutinized politician/administrator in Indian history. From Media to NGOs, everyone wanted to end the Modi-Story. Few dignitaries even used highly abusive language against him but what did he do? He stayed calm and was building a Castle off the stones thrown to him which is now knows as The Gujarat Model making the state a global idol for development. He just cared for the electorate(customers) and was making policies (products) for them and in return, he was showered with love and votes every time.

As an Entrepreneur, your competitors, critics will tell you a crore times that what you are doing is completely useless and you will fail big time! The key to overcome it can be learnt from Mr. Modi. Staying calm and efficiently working just for your team/customers providing them brilliant products and services as your critics will never add to your balance sheet.

3.     Effective Governance: Engaging All

 Mr. Modi sets a milestone for everyone in governance, may it be a politician, an administrator or an entrepreneur. The world has seen his governance in detail and studied. What actually did Mr. Modi do? Putting it in his words – “Governance needs Hard Work not Harvard” very truly said by the man himself as he engaged every citizen in policy making and developed a UN award winning grievance redressal system “Swagat” showing the world how a simple technology and lot of hard work can benefit millions of people.

As an entrepreneur, we often get carried away by our style of working and forget to engage our employees/customers in product designing or company policy. This is a slow poison as by time you will notice that your team and customers have created a gap from you and you stand alone. As an entrepreneur, we have to set systems in place and keep talking to our customers taking their feedback and improving upon yourself.

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Siddharth Maheshwari

The author is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, a computer engineer and have been close to the startup community.

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