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3Giftisaha, one stop website for all kinds of Über-personalized gifts. They try and come up with the most unique gifting options that has never been offered before with total value of your time and money spent. Shoppers can explore, and even partake of creating the most personalized gifts, so that what you give, you know no one else can. Here is an exclusive conversation with Smita, Business Head, Giftisaha about their whole journey.

What was the idea behind starting this venture?

There was a need gap for uber personalised gifts and we capitalized on it with our existing   offline institutional experience. We wanted to reach large number of retail customers   through this site.

Please brief us about your business model?

We started in 2012, we offer uber personalisation in gifting which we realised was the missing factor in gifting. Our TG is mostly young educated 24-35 years people from tier I & II

We have multiple options available to buy our gifts online- debit card/credit card of various banks and a buy back policy. The competitive advantage we enjoy is we have a strong technical and digital team and a dedicated marketing team which also works with corporate-pharma, banking/finances, FMCG. Through our OOH media in Drs waiting room -Oxygen TV, we reach more than 10lakh eyes balls in a month for GIA advertisement !

We offer a range of more than 100 gifts along with a very interactive and a simple online buying experience to our customers. We have a dedicated phone line that answer customer queries and a shipment tracking mechanism.We also have an optimized and real fast delivery for a huge majority of shipments and warehouse processes that combine automation with people effort for faster processing.giftisaha (1)

What is your target group? 

Our target group is young  educated people in the age group of 24-35 years mostly across tier I & II cities.

How do you manage logistics?

We have two warehouses one in Mumbai-Bhandup and other in the outskirts of Mumbai-Bhiwandi  and  we are associated with reputed courier companies and of-course backed with technology and experienced people.

How has been the uptake of the business so far?

The business is picking up with our promotions and awareness campaigns mostly through social media currently.

Tell us about your user acquisition methodology?

We use the mix of SEO, content and social media strategies to maximize user acquisition.

Tell us about your three major challenges and how did you overcome them?

Our three major challenges faced by us were adding new ideas every time, customer acquisition and timely deliveries.

Using a cross functional team of people from different backgrounds for brain storming and ideating of new ideas, a  dedicated digital  team and  improving the turnaround time for making the gifts through a tie-up with reliable and trustworthy raw material merchants and using courier services which can deliver pan India across tier I & II and at times even tier III cities and towns.

There are a considerable number of sites selling gifts online. What would you say differentiates Giftisaha from others?

Giftisaha is in uber personalization unlike personalized and general gifting . Gifts like name analysis, reflection, day you were born are highly personalized and makes us apart from other gifting sites both online and offline. All are gifts are meant to give the “aha” experience both to gifter and the receiver.

What are your future plans?

Our future plans is to set up franchise offline shops across India, email & digital & print campaigns on significant occasions. Also, we are aiming to set up our own sublimation and printing workshops. And of-course increase the buying experience of our customers through better /new products and services, website.

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