Exclusive Conversation: Deepali Mathur,Founder Elysian hues

Deepali Mathur founder of Elysian Hues is a Textile Graduate in Graphics and Communication Design from NIFT Delhi. Previously, she has workeddeepali with the leading Fashion Houses like SATYA PAUL , F&F , PASHMA , PASHMA ARTE etc. Later in the year of 2010 Deepali started her own venture named Elysian hues  and bagged many national as well as international deals. Again, in 2013 she went to Milan to study Fashion Styling in the Italy’s leading university Istituto Marangoni. She not only topped in her modules there but also her style shoots were also selected for Italy’s Editorials .

1)     Please brief us about your business model and revenue model?

Well I come from a business family and considering my accomplishments and the success behind the same just helped in developing the confidence in me to raise a firm with a concept of ” No investment ” . It certainly was a challenge and a risk involved to start up as a proprietor ship firm and a brand at an early age .  Our Consultancy firm provides fashion ,graphics and marketing services to all fashion houses and E-commerces.

2)      What is your current focus and plans for target market?

Currently we are focusing to work on International Print Project , E-commerces and Export houses.

3)      How big is India, as a market, for your business? What is the number of users currently?

Well I would say its huge, as we have started working with emerging designers( Domestic) and E-commerces that are helping us grow .

4)      What are the challenges and your strategy to overcome them?

 Well considering the fact that around 70% percent of the population in India are male dominating leaves a fear of failure but the fact that our firm has majorly dealt with founders of big companies , start ups and the whole emergence have simply groomed me in the areas where a women can be either be either taken for granted or emotionally attacked . I have never compared myself to any male entrepreneur  instead powered my or any women’s ordinary weak points that added as strategy to deal with firm’s situations in order to make it better.

Its always noticed that men are head strong , practical yet frustrated whereas women have the beauty of handling things calmly , emotionally ( in a positive way ) yet practically which is why we see that in today’s time the success has been noted more in women than men . Hence fourth , confidence and motivation from the young achievers can play a huge role in overcoming any difficulties .

 5)      What has been your learning so far as a company?

I am still learning and working on my patience level I .

6)      Any specific challenge that you faced being a women entrepreneur?

As we see the graph of the past year, a growth rate of more than 40 – 50% over the years have increased . I think women have remarkably experienced and worked on their logistics and finances .Women have been noticed much better than men in building a team as they nurture staff , understand situations and deal with them in a respectable manner . They are simply becoming more experimental and creative yet successful .

7)      What are your future plans?

Currently I am working on a module for special children which involves creativity . It is soon going to be out in the media as per the plan .

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