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Do you want to talk  about love, life, marriage, social evils, family, friendship, politics etc in a setup of an up market, soothing cafe to express opinions, views and feelings through conversations between people but online?? Welcome to Cafe Conversations, a virtual cafe which has been started by Apoorva Haritwal and Pawas Jain.

photo 1Apoorva Haritwal is an enthusiastic writer and a crazy reader pursuing Masters in English Literature hailing from pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan. Cafe Conversations is her brainchild and her first venture and besides being the founder, she handles the role of being the Chief Editor.photo 2

Pawas Jain is a prolific blogger and is also the founder of SpringTide Youth magazine which is currently closed for a revamp.  He is pursing Chartered Accountancy and has been speaker at the international event IGNITE in April 2013.

What was the idea behind starting Café Conversations?

Cafe Conversations is a social satire – a commentary on everything that happens with us and around us. We have chosen the setup of an up market, soothing cafe to express our opinions, views and feelings through conversations between people like us. We want to provide an ambience that the readers feel that they are seated in a cafe and overhearing people.

The idea originated with the will of providing quality content on the web to read. With a plethora of blogs mushrooming in India, it is a very encouraging scene for bloggers. Café Conversations provides a common platform to readers, writers and bloggers to spend some good time on the web with their cup of coffee. We aim to create a virtual cafe, a hangout joint.

Please brief us about your business model and revenue model?

Our business model is to engage readers and increase their staying time on our website. We want to provide entertainment to our visitors along with raising some much needed social issues through our posts. One month into operation, we have been recognized well among the blogging communities and start-up groups. We aim at providing a soothing web experience to the visitors of our website.

As for the revenue model, we are developing one now. We are working on a Cafe Store, based on exclusive premium products and gift hampers for which we will collaborate with a design studio. The store is in its early stage of ideation as of now, more updates about which will be divulged very soon.

What is your target group?

Our target audience is simply everybody who likes to read, write or just want to pass some entertaining time on the web. We provide our viewers with conversations to keep them engaged, cartoons to entertain them and much more is coming soon. So everyone who has a presence on the internet is our target audience. We want to engage our visitors and wish to create a niche in the blogging arena of India by providing quality content.

Our target is to attract talented writers and bloggers and gather more readers.

How has been response so far for the concept?

The response has been overwhelming. We have crossed 500 likes on our Facebook page in less than one month of operations. We have received over 4000 hits on our website and some very amazing comments and feedback.

Nevertheless we are constantly improving, innovating and working towards creating a better platform and more add-on features. Owing to the response, we are also going to release our first “Cafe Conversations e-book”, a short compilation of conversations, cartoons and more.

What is your differentiating factor?

Café Conversations is not restricted to a blog which makes posts in conversational format, though that is our thrust. We stick to our aim of creating a virtual café and thus we recently expanded and started our cartoon section ‘Café Studio’ which has been very well received. Besides we are expanding into new areas and bringing in our e-book. We will also be launching a contest very soon. We have loads of other surprises coming in very soon! So stay tuned!

 Tell us about your three major challenges and how did you overcome them?

Challenges are a part of starting up. First and foremost challenge that every entrepreneur faces is that of gathering attention. Marketing plays a very important role when you start from scratch. The advent of social media and the powerful means of communication make it very easy to attract people now. Facebook, twitter and pre-launch video campaigns help a lot in that.

Moreover, the continuous requirement of quality content is a challenge. Since we are aiming to create a blogging platform with a unique concept, we have to constantly work on our conversations and what we post. Editing, proof reading and presentation is a pre-requisite before posting. We have a team of talented people and our founder being from the background of English literature really helps.

Besides, innovating regularly is a real challenge in every start-up. A continuous creativity inflow is required from time to time to keep the visitors engaged and a lot of brainstorming goes into that. The launch of our cartoon section ‘Cafe Studio’ was a part of that. Our next update is also under way. We are bringing up loads of new features and trying to innovate on a regular basis to provide something new to our readers.

How do you see your website in a landscape on Indian online media presence?

Since the number of bloggers and websites are constantly growing in India, it is a challenge in itself to make yourself different from others and carve a niche in this market. It has just been one month since our inception and we are being recognized in the online media scene of the country. We have taken the help of various blogging communities such as blogadda, indiblogger etc. to gather attention of writers and readers.

We have also been featured on various platforms such as Brand Kahani, readstartups etc. which has made us visible in the Indian online media.

What are your future plans?

We are going to release our first short e-book in an innovative flipbook style in a few days. After that we will be bringing in our new update with loads of new features, which consist of a new debating section on our website, to create a platform for discussion. We are also working on a grand level blogging contest for bloggers of India.

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