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Exclusive Conversation: Raghav, Kailash and Shivani – Founders, GoOnions


Looking at the need of the fellow city people Raghav Vohra,Kailash Tripathi and Shivani Kapur started the venture named Go Onions. Raghav and Kailash are civil engineers while Shivani is a computer engineer. All of them carry more than six years of experience in their professional domain and now they are together working on this venture to make it a big hit. Here is an excerpts from the talk that we had with them:

 goonions1)      What was the idea behind starting goonions and what is the idea behind the name?

In Gurgaon, a professional spends an average of 8 – 10 hours on the computer in a day, five days a week. The idea of purchasing clothes, utilities and other items have gained popularity in the past couple of years. There is a dire need for a service which offers fruits, vegetables, non-vegetarian items and groceries to consumers in the comfort of their homes in the millennium city. The founders of GoOnions identified this gap and capitalized on it.

Onions – its price, availability and quality – is a pain-point amongst each and every individual in our country. It immediately touches the core of every Indian. We decided to have a name which revolved around Onions and hence came up with the name GoOnions.

 2)      Please brief us about your business model?

GoOnions rests on the fulcrum that freshness and quality are the basis of success of any Online Grocery business. We have direct tie-ups with farmers who supply fresh fruits and vegetables every morning. Clean storage and refrigeration ensures that the products remain fresh the entire day. There is a three-tier quality check at our warehouse before the final dispatch. Logistics operate on a hybrid model. 70 % of the deliveries are outsources and 30% are in-house depending on the geographical areas. Marketing is primarily Online through Social Media platforms. Apart from that pamphlets, SMS marketing, direct interaction, newspaper inserts  and e-mailers are some other channels which are currently in place. Preferred Delivery Slots and meeting delivery deadline of two hours is given primary importance. This is what differentiates us from our competitors.newsphoto

 3)      What is your target group?

Since GoOnions accepts orders online at www.goonions.com , on the phone, sms and Whatsapp, so each and every individual who has access to these means of communication is a part of our target group.

 4)      How do you manage logistics?

The logistics operate on a hybrid model. 70% of the deliveries are outsourced. These are defined by the geographical areas of delivery. 30% of the deliveries are managed in-house with our own set of delivery boys who operate in two shifts.

5)      How has been the uptake of the business so far?

GoOnions has received a great response from the residents of Gurgaon. We are providing the working population a breather, in terms of time and fuel, from manoeuvring through the heavy Gurgaon traffic, selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, haggling with the vegetable vendor and making their way back to the homes, and that too after a full-days work. GoOnions aims to save the people the hassle of going to the brick and mortar stores and receive products from the comfort of their homes.

 6)      The online grocery store has still not taken up that well. What is your belief?

Online shopping is still in its nascent stage in India. With the growth of internet population Y-O-Y as well as acceptability of purchasing products online, a service which provides good quality fruits and vegetables in the comfort of your home within two hours has a sure future in the coming years.

 7)      Tell us about your three major challenges and how did you overcome them?

  •  The Indian mind-set is still skewed towards physically going to the vegetable market and choosing their own fruits and vegetables by touching and smelling them. Each and every commodity which concerns the health of the family is hand-picked to suit every individual’s expectation. To have a sensitive product like a fruit or a vegetable to be selected by someone else and delivered to your doorstep is a huge leap in faith. To overcome this, GoOnions gives primary focus on its quality. We ensure that the customers are completely satisfied with each product and have a No-Questions-Asked return policy to go along with our delivery. The customers who are loyal to us for the last three months since the business commenced swear by the freshness and quality of Fruits and Vegetables bought at GoOnions.com.
  •   The identification of the correct human resources was another challenge faced by GoOnions as it is the case with almost all start-ups. We need resources with a fair knowledge of selection of Fruits and Vegetables, to be able to receive and process Orders Online and ensure that the deliveries meet the timeline. To overcome this challenge we have continual one-on-one training sessions with the current employees and keep rotating their roles so that they have exposure to all departments regularly.
  • Managing the logistics in order to meet the two-hour delivery timeline is another challenge. A hands-on approach and working on a hybrid delivery model has helped us manage this challenge.

8)      There are a considerable number of sites selling groceries etc online. What would you say differentiates Goonions from others?

GoOnions delivers on the same day within two hours of placing the order. We have a No-Questions-Asked Return Policy in case the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the products. GoOnions covers a wide range of Exotic Fruits and Vegetables which are rarely available. We also have physician recommended Combos which saves out customers valuable time to select each and every item. The most important part GoOnions accepts orders Online, Phone, SMS and on Whatsapp and the pricing of Fruits and Vegetables are comparable as per the market.

 9)      What are your future plans?

We  plan to tie-up with Multiple Brands to add groceries to our portfolio. Further we also plan to add Organic Fruits and Vegetables to our portfolio.We also plan to expand to South Delhi, Noida and then ultimately cover entire NCR in the next one year.

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