Exclusive Conversation: Renu Gupta & Vaibhav Gupta, Shakumbhari.in

photoShakumbhari.in has been started by Ms. Renu Gupta and her son Mr. Vaibhav Gupta  who is Head of Sales and Marketing. Ms. Renu Gupta who hails from a family background of leading manufacturers in furnishing and décor  with a degree in Commerce and textile designing from Delhi University. She has manufactured sarees for brands like Satya Paul, Biba etc and in 2007 she established Shakumbhari with a vision to provide boutique designer wear at commercial prices to the customers, establish a new market across India. Vaibhav is currently pursuing under graduate Economics Degree from Delhi University. He has been working with the company from past 2 years, looking after the daily sales, warehouse management, logistics management, new sales channel acquisitions, managing our own e-commerce website completely.

What was the idea behind starting Shakumbhari.in?

Shakumbhari’s sole aim is to provide latest fashion trends in clothing to every category of the society. Keeping this in mind we design the pricing scales that don’t burdens the pocket of the customer though it provides them the latest fashion at their doorstep.

Please brief us about your business model?

We do the in-house design and production of all our products. From the past one year, we are tied with various marketplaces online like Jabong and Myntra etc to add up another sales channel and to expand our reach Pan-India. We are committed in establishing us as the First Online Brand in India.

What is your target group? Are there any significant trends or patterns that you have witnessed in the consumer buying?

Our target customers are the women and girls who have sense of beauty and want to look out of the crowd. Most of them are of age groups 18-40. Youth have higher adaptability rate so we have put the youth community in limelight. Also for the elder customers we always try to provide very ethnic looking designs but with a different appeal, for a sense of freshness in their daily wardrobe.

How do you manage logistics?

We deliver the products to about 11,000 pin codes in India. Fast delivery for the huge majority of shipments, customers also receive the detailed regular updates and tracking of shipments. This all is managed with the streamlined workflow in place, which ensures that the time between a customer placing an order and a product being shipped from our end is not more than 24 hours.

How has been the uptake of the business so far? 

Earlier we were working with Brick and Mortar Stores, but the conversion rates and reach were very less, the turnaround time was also very delayed, but since we have entered the E-commerce industry, the business and brand recognition has increased with a wider reach to the potential audience across India. The conversions and the turnaround time is also very swift and fast as the e-commerce industry is. Therefore, the uptake of business has been very weel since we have entered the e-commerce industry.

Tell us about your three most successful user acquisition methodology?

We follow the following methodology for user acquisitions:-

  • We dare to provide the latest and the trendiest designs in the market, which any other brands don’t provide at all.
  • All our products are very pocket-friendly. In fact in one of the testimonials from our customer, it would have been the first time in the history of consumerism, that a customer asked us that why our products were so CHEAP when the designing was so superior.
  • We make no compromises with our product quality. More than design and the pricing, the Quality is our Number 1 USP, we just do not make compromises with quality even if that sometimes means taking a loss on a particular design or paying from our own pocket. Quality is just something we can’t do without.

Tell us about your three major challenges and how did you overcome them?

  • Change in Fashion

The changes in customer expectation have led to an acceleration of speed of change in fashion. For this, our teams do the continual innovation to meet up their fashion requirement.

  • Customer Acquisition

Heavy cost involved in advertising and marketing was another major challenge. We strive to decrease that cost by bringing the prospective customers to the website.

  • Customer Service

Re-assuring customers of the situation or telling them the status of the order sometimes makes the customer panic at times. Convincing them and not to use any platform for any complaints was another challenge.

There are a considerable number of sites selling cloths, accessories etc. online. What would you say differentiates shakumbhari.in from others?

We strive to provide best in class designer wear at commercial prices. Appealing designs, timely services, fast delivery and reasonable price range are some of our key features.

What are your future plans?

Putting more focus on customer experience, we will redefine how fashion clothes are marketed and distributed in India. Our vision and plan is to be an undisputed leader in fashion and a leading and the first online brand in India.

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