Facebook’s New Feature : “Trending”


Facebook, the social networking website with 1.2 billion users worldwide has come up with a new feature called “Trending” similar to Twitter which will show the most discussed topics on social networking site. Facebook officially launched “Trending section” on homepage’s right-hand side in the US, UK, Canada, India and Australia which they promised in last summer. All the users of these countries will be able to have this feature on their account within two weeks along with a service letter.Untitled

According to Facebook, their Trending section is a bit advanced than Twitter and a proof to this is visible in a way that it not only shows the trending topic but unlike Twitter it also gives a small explanation as in what it is and thus it provides the reason for being in trend. Moreover, those trending topics are personalized depending on what you like, read etc.Facebook new feature - Trending topics

Well, this seems to have brought a clear war between Facebook and its rival Twitter; to which Twitter might revert back with some more enhancement to its existing feature. It will be interesting to watch how Facebook’s this new feature help them to enter the space of public conversation along with maintaining its integrity for the current personal communication.

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