Fitness Gadget : Skulpt “AIM”


You workout for 3 months and yet your arms are of the same size. DEPRESSION! But what we fail to realize that the fat burnt is replaced by muscles. But how to know which is what? To answer this question, Skulpt has launched a device “AIM” that will do just this thing.

Whenever after a lot of workout sessions you feel the need to check fat and muscles ratio, you can take this device and press it hard against the general region and it will do the calculation. This device is not yet freely available in the market but it will available by May 2014.

Skulpt-AimNot bigger than a regular iPhone, Aim will help a lot of people to measure exactly how much the workout is helping them. When pressed against the skin, it will measure the blood flow and current flow under the skin and calculate accordingly. This data can then be synced with an online dashboard and can also be shared just like any other data.

Priced at $149, “People often gain weight when they first start to exercise and get discouraged when in fact they’re losing fat and gaining muscle. This can be extremely frustrating,” said Jose Bohorquez, CEO of Skulpt. “Aim solves this problem by distinguishing muscle from fat in each part of your body, providing a much more accurate representation of your progress.”

 For this price, any and all health conscious people would be in line to buy this device.

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