New Place for Book Lovers and Non-Lovers


UntitledAre you a book lover? Yes !! Here you go..Wait a minute are you not a book lover but fun lover?? Still, here you go…Welcome to, a portal that will have e-commerce,self publishing,social networking and everything else imaginable related to books in one place. All the features will be rolled out gradually. It specialises in procuring books for customers. Apart from that,there will be a subscription option for which that will definitely revolutionise the way,people read.

It all started with the love for the books and a strong believe that the written word is really powerful. They have not faced any problems,as such-just logistics-at times for certain books are rare and not that easy to procure but that what they are pushing and that is the point,they give the customers-exactly what they need.

With so many features,ranging from business to social media interaction which might convert to real time one on ones and anything that you can ever imagine- this is the place to be. So tune in to on 14th February 2014 to check out the beta version of it. The new “it” place- FlyingBooks.

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Amisha Singh

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