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Foodfrenzy- A friend for all those who want to order food at late night


Mufaddal Dahodwala and Kiran Sawant two 1st year MMS students of JBIMS, Mumbai with a passion of serving delicious and quality food to those who stay awake and feel hungry late at night has started www.foodfrenzy.in. The venture provides you an option to choose from the menu and place order for the food of your choice between 10pm to 4am.IMG-20140407-WA0002-1


Purpose is to provide high quality food to those who work late at night in Mumbai especially migrants and IT professionals and deliver them great variety of foods within 45 min of the order being received. The sustainability of the service is fully dependent on whether they do a short term profit or focus on long term gains including benefitting the society and environment on the whole. They are using bicycles which has no pollution menace and is also quite economical. The bicycles will help to maintain high standards of delivering quality food and that too with everyone’s interest being satisfied. They would be adhering to the social standards of all the consumers by providing hygienic food and making them feel as if it’s a home cooked food at reasonable prices.


The need generates from the problem of healthy and reasonable priced wholesome as well as fast food to be catered properly. The service is to deliver food at night from 10 pm to 4 am to all those who work in late night shifts and feel hungry. Food items include pizza, biryani, burger, rolls, beverages, etc; they can make it for you along with desserts.

They will soon expand to other cities with franchisee model. They believe in generating employment rather than seeking one.


The target market would be call centres, IT professionals, migrants and students near Thane, Mumbai and the whole western suburb of Mumbai. The strategy is to make people aware about their unique proposition through pamphlets, Facebook page, newspaper ads, mail etc. It will be an initial awareness campaign followed by an analysis on competitor and new entrants so that they can position their service very well and the target market is captured by them fully. The strategy would be to acquire new customers and retain them through their unique and cherishing service. Retention is important as they expect them to play a major role in profitability by at least 3 or more orders per week. Direct marketing would play a significant role in gaining trust. Customers would be satisfied when the delivery is on time and this can be achieved only through proper distribution.

So be ready to satisfy your hunger and refresh yourself at night..

Logon to www.foodfrenzy.in

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