Ford’s – All New Ford Self Driven Car


 No one likes to work, especially when it is possible to make someone else do it. The fact that it can be possible that a daily act of driving your car can be given to another person for free is too tempting. And what if that person is none other than your car itself?

1009_Inno_Ford_SelfDrive_full_600Yes, this fable of a self driving car has been in the air for a long time. Success has been gained in this field too. But is it 100% sure and safe? No. Till now, Google’s X-Lab was the pioneer in this field, but now Ford has joined this race.

 It has collaborated with the most brilliant engineering minds of the world, the students of MIT and Stanford university for this research. Its aim is to find a revolutionary technology for a self driving car that the entire face of car driving will change by 2025.

 ” Working with university partners like MIT and Stanford enables us to address some of the longer-term challenges surrounding automated driving while exploring more near-term solutions for delivering an even safer and more efficient driving experience,” said Paul Mascarenas, chief technical officer and vice president of Ford Research and Innovation. They are excited for this tie up and are expecting good results.

Before MIT and Stanford, Ford has also joined up with the University of Michigan and state farm for the same purpose.

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