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UntitledWith the motto of “Bringing Prosperity to life“, was founded on 12-Dec-2012 by two first generation entrepreneurs named Achal and Raghav. Achal was smalltown boy who grew up in railway colony of small district ‘Samastipur’ of Bihar. He got a chance to study in different parts of India including Bokaro, Bangalore, New Delhi etc but he had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood and deep passion to start something of his own. After he completed his MBA and got placed as a consultant in a Hongkong based firm which he quit in 2013 and started While Raghav Sharma started his career as a Manager in Gurgaon based IT company handling the key/ major accounts of pan India. He was an IT engineer by profession and now is an entrepreneur by choice.Achal & Raghav-manokamna- was started in order to make all kind of pujas in hassle free manner. People these days don’t have time to search for Pujan Samagri and Pandits across cities. Previously if a person has to do a puja, he/ she had to first search for the pandits and the pandit was giving the list of pujan samagri and the devotee had to search for the Pujan samagri shops  alongwith the Mango leaves, Banana leaves etc. in his or her area which was a quite time taking and difficult but now their puja is just a click away. Everything will be available at their doorstep. They provide you All kind of Puja including Satyanarayan Puja, Griha Pravesh Puja, Shaadi, Kali Puja, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Hawan etc. alongwith all the pujan samagris. Raghav says that their target markets are all the tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India.

Recalling the challenges that they faced Achal says that “for every first generation entrepreneur it’s hard to take off initially as no one believes in your idea. The same happened with us people laugh initially and even said that this is the first time they are seeing young boys doing this kind of spiritual stuff”.But both of them have proved the critics wrong as they have provided the services to all the clients with perfection and ensured that all clients are fully satisfied with the way they perform puja. Every month they perform around 30 Pujas. They say that they are learning from each & every puja as they take feedback from the clients and based on that they keep improving themselves. Raghav said that “We are getting repetitive business from our customers which we believe is very important and crucial for a startup. We are also getting serial orders from US and Europe. “

Talking about the future plans both of the founders said that they want to first start services in all the tier-1 cities of India by mid-2014. They have been in touch with folks who wish to work for and want to take franchisee in different cities of India. The plan is under development and may ripe soon.  Further they want to see their presence in every state’s capital by year-end. And since they are getting a good response from outside India they also have long term planning to advertise themselves in different countries with good proportion of Indians.

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