Gmail Detected With A Bug


Gmail_bug_The_VergeGoogle’s most important application, Gmail, used by over 425 million users worldwide has recently revealed a bug in its system. According to a report in Verge, they say that there has been a malfunctioning in Gmail. This has occurred on several platforms including the Gmail iOS app.

According to the bug, there is an inadvertent deleting of messages even when the command is clearly for another mail. So for example, if you want to spam or report a mail from a spammer, Gmail may instead mark that mail as the one sent by your boss reminding you to fill out that tender.

Gmail has profusely apologized to its users and has requested everyone of their users to keep checking their spam and trash folders repeatedly for any important mails that may have gone there by mistake.

Apparently, this problem occurred when there was an outage in the Gmail servers that rendered it to be inaccessible to around 10% of the total users. During this outage, their other facilities like Google+, hangouts and play store were also affected for a brief period of time.

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