Gmail New Features Leaked In Screenshots

Google’s email service Gmail, which recently turned 10, may soon get new features. According to screenshots leaked by, Google is testing new mail features designed to further enhance mobile user experience.

At present, there are five Gmail tabs – Primary, Social, Promotions, Forums and Updates. As per the screenshots, the update will bring Travel, Purchases and Finance, which will help sort the inbox better.  “You can choose to snooze an email for a couple of hours or several weeks depending on your need, and you can snooze messages over and over again if you choose to,” according to the report.

 Some leaked Gmail screenshots are revealing a tantalizing array of new features. You’ll find new sorting tabs for Travel, Purchases, and Finance, and a pinning system so important e-mails stay at the top of the list. Conversely, you’ll also be able to snooze e-mail threads that aren’t especially important, so you don’t keep getting notifications when someone replies.

This is apparently still very much a work in progress, so don’t take these glimpses as a final product. Our sources have confirmed that these are legit, in any case. Do you guys have any pet peeves with the Gmail app? What would you like to see added in the next version? Are they on the right track with these changes? Gmail, that recently turned 10 this week may be on the verge of getting a new version, according to the leaked android screenshots.

The new version may include some tools for making sure that important messages do not get lost and there would apparently be a system for pinning messages to the top of one’s inbox in place of the old stars. new_gmail_screenshots

The leaks also said that Google may include a snooze feature into Gmail that will allow a user to read an email, and then set it to be marked as unread and moved back to the top of the inbox after a set period of time.
However, it’s uncertain to tell as to when, or even if, Google will roll out these new features considering the number of experimental features the search-giant has carried out in the past.

Inbox, pinned 

Speaking of the inbox, Gmail developers are also hard at work developing a new feature called Pinned, which allows users to keep important emails front and center at the top of their inbox.  According to one of the screenshots, the Pinned feature includes a toggle that will instantly shift emails back to their original place with a single tap, perfect for viewing incoming missives sorted by date.

Curiously, the currently available star system doesn’t show up anywhere in the leaked screenshots, although it’s unknown if Gmail plans to eliminate this feature entirely or plans to incorporate it into future builds. There’s no telling how soon these new Gmail features might make their debut, and there could be plenty more simmering on the back burner that we have yet to discover.  However, this design could just be a preliminary test as usual and given the number of experimental features the search-giants have tried out over the years, these are not entirely new options.

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