Google’s Smart Lens to check Glucose levels of Diabetics..


When Smartness is spreading faster than flu from devices to daily life instruments Google has let it spread into contact lenses. Google X lab’s on its blog published a teaser of smart contact lens that is claimed to help diabetic patients keep a check of their glucose level.

Trending wearables like watches, bracelets, bras etc are the latest revolution in tech world but these aren’t exactly in sale at markets but still undergoing prototype testing process. The current prototype smart contact lens is said to have wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor. These chips are embedded in between the two soft layers of the lens layer materials. Though the blog doesn’t mention it to be a smaller version of Google Glass but a door of possibility is left open. Google doesn’t fail to notice and note that scientists doesn’t consider body fluids to be efficient way to measure glucose levels as they tear flow is not exactly under majority of humans but Google claims the sensor can take one reading per second and are to overcome the tear flow issue by adding tiny LED lights that may warn the wearer of the smart contact lens. The sensors and LED are claimed to be so micro in size that they can seem like tiny bits of glitters.


Google is working with FDA to make the prototypes into real products, “will use our technology for a smart contact lens and develop apps that would make the measurements available to the wearer and their doctor.”Google also says it is working with FDA to make these prototypes to fully capable working product and bring it into market as soon as possible.

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