Happy 10th Birthday Facebook !!


fejsToday on February 4 2014, Facebook added a Life Event as it became 10yrs old. Mark Zukerberg, started Facebook on February 4, 2004 at Harvard University and very soon dropped out of the university in order to move the operation to Silicon Valley. On November 2005, Zukerberg showed his business card to a Fortune reporter which looked like this..Untitled

6th September 2006 Facebook added a new feature called New Feed which faced lot of privacy issues but Zukerberg did not retreat rather he resolved them and today the feature is backbone of Facebook. In December 2010, Facebook had around 608 million users. At D8 tech conference on 2nd June 2010, Mark was grilled for privacy issues. In July 2011, Facebook shifted to a new office where previously Sun Microsystems used to operate.

April 2012 saw the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. Further, Facebook made a mobile transition in later year 2012 and to top they came up with IPO on May 18, 2012. By end of 2012, Mark had 1000 Million users and then it is today that Facebook is 10yrs old.Happy-Birthday-Facebook

   Happy Birthday Facebook !!! May you sustain, survive and grow!!

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