Have You Ever Thought To Be An Entrepreneur Without Any Investment?


I know that the post title seems to be a bit idiotic but it is true! So what if I ask you again – have you ever imagined being an entrepreneur without spending your hard earned bucks? Well the most viable sounding answer would be that it is IMPOSSIBLE! But what if I beg to differ from this common notion?! Without any further suspense let’s get straight to the point – Making it as an entrepreneur without investment is possible by working as a freelance writer. I’ll try to cover up the widely discussed aspects of freelancing jobs and how it leads us to be an entrepreneur, and that too without any significant trouble.ent

Working as a freelancer can be professionally and financially rewarding for any working professional while providing a much needed break from the hectic and monotonous working routines. As far as I am concerned, it is a great avenue which gives you the creative freedom to do something of note. However, becoming a flourishing freelancer or a part time entrepreneur is not a joke so does not misconceive my article’s title. To be a pioneering freelancer, one requires doing a lot of research work, studying thoroughly about the subject he/she is writing about and being very careful about punctuations, spelling and grammatical errors since these silly errors leads to the freelancer’s work being dumped in an editor’s trash box.

As they say, “Where there is a will there is a way!” So it doesn’t matter whether you are working in a job or if you are a student or a housewife – freelancing has always been there for us as a primary or secondary income option. On the basis of my own experience, I can vouch for the fact that freelance writing is the most preferred and rewarding line of work as far as the freelance job market is concerned. In fact, freelance writers enjoy a very respectful position in this industry in many Western and Asian nations. One should also pick the kind of writing he intends to do; whether he/she wants to be a content writer, copywriter or a freelance journalist (another demanding position in the industry).

For setting up your own Freelance business you do not need to invest much, you just need an appropriate internet connection, laptop/PC and a peaceful environment to start working. With that, you will be all set to achieve your dream to be an entrepreneur with hard work and honesty.

There are plenty of freelancing sites available on the web that directs and guides you from the beginning. Although a couple of better options are “Freelancer.in or Elance.com” which one must regularly follow to polish and improve his/her knowledge and writing skills!

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Mohd Tarique

The author is a MBA graduate and a experienced Social Media Marketer who helps businesses and individuals to enhance their Web presence through the production of high Quality Website Content and to build clients business brand through social media management.