HiringMonk: Recruitment Solutions For Start-ups and SMEs


CoreTeam_HiringMonkPeople practice in any organisation can make or break the business,especially when a business is in its nascent stage the quality of employees plays a vital role in the growth of the business. Today, when in India we have so many great ideas taking shape of new businesses it is highly critical for them to have talented and qualified workforce with them. And in order to help in recruitment to such the Start Ups and SME’s, a new organisation named HiringMonk has featured. It is India’s 1st  recruitment solutions for start-ups and SMEs across India.

HiringMonk is the brainchild of two college friends Preetam & Ateeque. After both of them completed their MBA, they both thought of creating a unique service in the field of HR and recruitment with focus on the pain points of start-ups and SMEs. They completed their studies and worked with different start-ups to understand, “How does a start-up actually function?”. After two years and 5 different companies and 3 cities later, they finally left our their jobs and kicked-off their own venture. Initially, they thought its will be extremely easy, but that overconfidence backfired us them extensively. Business isn’t easy, that was the 1st lesson for them. Their business was  bootstrapped and commenced at their dad’s store room.

Gradually with experience and days & nights of slogging they currently have  50+ clients (all start-ups) in 7 months of operation and they have featured on more than 8+ websites for the work done so far. From 2 idiots they have reached a stage of 9 monks and aspire to expand at a fast pace. They are looking for fundings and they look forward to become the only solution to all recruitment related problems for startups and SMEs

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