INSTAGRAM : Revealed – You sell what you show!!


150 Million Monthly Active Users

16 Billion Photos Shared in total

1.2 Billion Likes and 55 Million Photos shared every day!!!

The world is changing, so are people, so are the choices, so are the ways to deliver value and so  are changing the ways to create that phenomenal feeling that gets people to get value for their money.  The advertisement world that once captured the glamour and was set out in the minds of consumer is losing out. It is being replaced by the extensive use of online media as people today want information on the move. You name it and you look for it online because that’s the most convenient thing to do.

Under such constraints wherein the customer attention span is vastly limited to a few clicks and wherein he wants information at a few key presses a new revolution has replaced the world of advertising and promotion. The old ways are being replaced by online propagation tools.

One such wonderful tool is Instagram –just 3 years old and yet a huge success. A huge chunk of 150 million users on the platform with 16 billion photos shared and 1 billion likes happening every day the platform is one of the most upcoming engaging things you can get. Well it not only lets you upload pictures but also lets you know as to what does the audience crave for? Even the fortune 500 uses Instagram and it reveals that it has awesome features that the audience would easily connect to.


As the saying goes ’A picture is worth a thousand words’. Companies have taken this concept seriously and are moving to the next generation way of promotions. The use of Instagram as a popular tool for promotions had started very since its inception but it gained real popularity and sped off in the last two quarters as there has been a notably large increase in the number of people and companies using it.


Over 1300 companies have joined Instagram and the top 3 amongst them are:


Isn’t it amazing the way people can get connected to the world and get to know of the fantabulous products and offerings that are being offered out? With shopping carried over to the next level by e-commerce websites there is little that such promotions cannot accomplish.

The best of benefits at the least of costs with a huge target population is what has made it a sure-shot tool. Numbers reflect it too. There has been a huge increase in not only the number of users but also a tremendous increase in the number of companies using it.

Companies are rolling out 1 photo per week which is indicative of the fact that they are sending their balls rolling to be spread and giving it time to spread. Excessive use of it might leave the users frustrated but if used judiciously it can turn out massive benefits for the companies.

If you have an Instagram account probably you can use the Statigram too which provides you information like most photos liked ever, hash tag cloud, filter usage besides letting you monitor on your follower charts,  the gain and loss in their numbers and also on who are your new and old followers?

Isn’t that great? It does not end at that. It also tells you about your followings and your reciprocal relationships along with the ratio of followers or the number of followings in your community. Optimization tips like probably the best time to post a picture to get maximum engagement or how filters do impact the number of likes or comments received are also useful.

Besides the usage of brand building and destruction has taken a toll ahead in the cut throat competitive era and you honestly need all that you have got to stay ahead? In this divergent world where choices supersede the consumer’s horizon it is but obvious that only the one marketer who can push his product closest to the consumer can survive. If this be it I guess Instagram is going to make its way through to the top because – you sell what you show. Check more stats here.

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Priyo Ranjan

The author is an ex-employee of Infosys and he is currently pursuing MBA from Xavier’s Institute Of Social Service (XISS).