Internship Hunt For a MBA Student


img-ani6Being a student is not always an easy job. Working part time and paying the bills can be too much sometimes. So, what to do when you find yourself free for the summer internship program even when you have an offer for off summer’s but you are left with no time.

The big question is where to start?

Visiting staff in various Career development programs and applying through various online job portals was an essential first step. Their instructions of how to write a CV, the importance of a great specific cover letter and how to carry yourself on the D- day were important to find a summer placement. I realized that in order to get the placement of my dreams amidst competition and a slow economy, I would have to work hard both academic courses and in extra curricular events.

The thought of completing 1 year of MBA course and working freely for the next 3 months really crippled me and I was having sleepless nights. I almost gave up the hope of finding myself a decent summer intern role. But there was a way out. By grace of GOD, I was placed in one of the top advertising agency Draftfcb Ulka which not only has great working environment but also a unique opportunity to grasp and equip myself with the trends in advertising and digital marketing as ultimately my interest lies in learning general management in order to start my own business 2 years down the line.

Small companies give a comprehensive knowledge in terms of shaping your career ahead. On the other hand big names are just for the “money chasers”. These are where most of the toppers in college will be placed adding no value to themselves in terms of entrepreneurship and creating jobs for people through their innate knack and sense of intelligent endurance. One should properly weigh the advantages of the role they are applying for and the reality that they would face after getting that role. Perception really is a big issue, especially with the company’s brand image. Overall, a student should have good decision making capability, self-confidence and ability to stay calm when there is disruption in challenging times.

A summer internship somewhat challenging and new should be part of every student’s life.

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Mufaddal Dahodwala

The author is ex-employee of Accenture and he is currently pursuing MMS finance from JBIMS,mumbai. He has won several prizes from top MNCs for his contribution towards articles as well as idea generation and business plans having a social impact to the society.

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