Journey From Wall Street to Entrepreneurship

Page 1Poornima Vardhan, MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, a successful Investment Banker on Wall Street hits the entrepreneurship floor with a bang by launching her own fashion label names 335TH. 335th 10th April 2014 31556

Following a successful career as an investment banker with UBS in New York, Poornima Vardhan returned to India to become an entrepreneur. While she was planning to make her move, she observed that people generally focused on looking good rather than feeling good. “There was a fit for every kind – slim fit, petite fit and more. But I did not find a confidence fit anywhere; clothes and accessories that make us look and feel confident,” says Poornima. Thus began her entrepreneurial journey with 335TH, an innovative fashion concept of ‘Fitwear’. Fitwear refers to clothing and accessories fused with shapewear to smoothen your silhouette and flatter your body.

 Being a finance and accounting expert, Poornima had absolutely no idea about the world of fashion. She started from the basics by researching in China on different kinds of fabrics that give shape to the body and flatter the silhouette. 335TH was finally launched in December’2013 with its first collection of leggings.

335TH is a premium brand of clothing that flatters your body and provides a custom fit. It is positioned to offer clothes that hide the inconsistencies of one’s body without compromising on style, quality and comfort. It focuses on creating wardrobe staples for women that enhances their body while providing an excellent fit. The highlights of the collection include leggings, treggings with studs, French lace, structured basic black dress, pencil skirt. The 335TH Girl symbolizes and represents a modern “On the go” lifestyle of the modern woman. She is confident, successful, has a unique personality and style and wants to present the best of herself to the world.

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Poornima says , ” We believe that every one of us should revel in who you we are and this belief mirrors in our products. Thus, we are striving to create wardrobe staples that enhance one’s body while providing an excellent fit”. With an obsession for detail, they offer differentiated products refining each one through creative and technical thinking and extensive R&D. Every 335th garment is delicately designed to help all the customers get the right fit. Further she adds that they use carefully selected highest quality fabrics along with construction detailing to craft every single product.

One of the biggest challenge for any new brand is distribution, and 335th will leverage both online as well as brick and mortar model. Margins and retail space are challenges that they continue to face as the rentals are extremely high. To overcome these challenges, we have recently launched our e-commerce store

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The imminent plans for 335TH as per Poornima includes increasing national and international distribution, exciting new Fall Winter’14 collection that features a line of new improved leggings that firm the waist and lower body while providing a sleeker silhouette and focus on offline and online marketing.

 With an affinity for simple designs, Poornima has created 335TH for the connoisseur of fit. She is determined to help people in presenting the best of themselves while appreciating their own body.  335TH to her is not just about clothes but a choice of lifestyle for anyone who wants to put their most confident foot forward. 

You can check out the label here.

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