Kritika Ponia’s StartUp Story Behind Ingenious Aces


Untitled“I am planning on starting a business of my own,” Kritika Ponia texted her elder brother, Abhishek Ponia.

“Uh-oh. Tell me more”, which seemed negative reply but it also contained surprise and happiness, and this is how Kritika’s journey started.Me

Ingenious Aces was not what she “always wanted to do.” It wasn’t her “dream.” It was just meant to be. Kritika was a science student, all set to eventually attain a doctorate and get into some serious research but who knew she was going to discover soon enough that she had better things waiting for her instead? She started working online as a freelance writer whilst pursuing her Masters in Microbiology to earn some pocket money. (Until that time, she was a book-scribbler, writing snippets behind all of her books.) Only a month into professional writing, she realized that this was her passion – this was what she always wanted to do. She regretted apprehending it well into her masters with no scope of changing her educational field but she took comfort from the fact that “it is better late than never.”

Kritika continued writing for 2 years, establishing her presence online, working with American and British clients. It gave her happiness, it gave her satisfaction, and she learnt so much that it made her feel accomplished every single day. Once she finished her masters she started working remotely full-time. She started getting offers to work at offices but she loved the flexibility of her  job too much to give it up. Things were going quite smoothly when a close friend, Varun, came up to her and said, “Why don’t you think of establishing your own firm?” Kritika blinked in surprise and in response he laid down a number of reasons why he thinks she would do well as an entrepreneur.

She contacted her brother (read her mentor) immediately and when they started talking, she comprehended he had the same faith, if not more, in her. He made her see things in herself that she did not believe she had and he motivated her to move further with it. After a lot of contemplation, brainstorming sessions with her brother (during the day) and with herself (in the confines of her bedroom late into the night), encouragement from friend, and a lot of research, the work of establishment started.

October 1, 2013 the site was up and she was ready to get away. Startup got its first client in  just 10 days later through Facebook and things got underway. Just 3 months old, she runs her company from home, handling a remote team (mainly because she connects with remote workers easily and slightly because of the shortage of funds), and works for quite a few clients. Talking to her brother and Varun, sharing thoughts, taking advice, expressing her views, and implementing them, hiring new employees, working to keep impressing her existing clients while marketing to new ones – her 3 months have passed like a dream, a beautiful and satisfying dream.

She plans on expanding and establishing her own office once she has the funds so that she employ and nurture many more aspiring writers. She plans on offering internships and remote guidance to anyone who needs help. Her goal is to foster guidance and to help writers find themselves while continuing to write and spread my business on global level. Doing something you love for a living and sharing your knowledge with anyone and everyone who is looking for it – life doesn’t get better than this; Kritika says.

Ingenious Aces is Kritika’s brainchild, which couldn’t have been possible without her brother’s expert guidance and faith, and Varun’s optimism.

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