KuberBox- Selling Jewelry and Helping Women to Work Indepenedently

By | January 15, 2014

Sourav Lodha, an engineer by qualification took a plunge into jewelry business after selling the previous start up printbooth.in. Bootstrap financed, KuberBox.com is the flagship brand under KuberBox Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. under which the company retails & distributes diamond & gemstone jewelry based out of the jewel city of Jaipur, Rajasthan.Sourav 1

They are trying to help self-motivated women become entrepreneurs wherein they can work from home while carrying on with their existing commitments towards work & family. This opportunity is offered to them through their innovative KuberBox Privileged Partner (KPP)Program where they select few highly capable individuals as their Privileged Partners who are authorized to showcase and sell our products to people in their social circle and earn a commission on every sale.

Every KPP is trained on various aspects of Jewelry so that they have good idea of  what they are selling and what is good/bad. It helps in providing good advice to their customers.Unlike other business where the individual needs to buy stock KuberBox is trying to solve the pain through the use of virtual inventory served through the specialized app & website. With every confirmed purchase KPP earns commission for which margin varies from 4% to 10% depending upon the category of products.After sales service like returns, exchange and buy-backs are carried out through the KPPs.

So next time you want to buy a precious jewelry you can reach out to www.kuberbox.com where you can find certified stylish jewelry but at comparatively lower price.

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