Mac Turns 30


birthday24 Jan 1984 is a remarkable day for the world of technology when Apple Macintosh 128k arrived to the markets available for the world. On the 30th birthday of Mac with evolved innovative ideas will miss its father Steven Jobs who unfortunately passed away on 5th Oct 2011. All these years Apple has not only lasted its original as well as rising competitors but also has brilliantly managed to soar into the top computer manufacturers.

 “Every company that made computers when we started the Mac, they’re all gone,” Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Philip Schiller told Macworld. “We’re the only one left. We’re still doing it, and growing faster than the rest of the PC industry because of that willingness to reinvent ourselves over and over.”

Over the years Apple has not limited it into computers but also expanded to mobile products which equally performed to reach market toppers but apple hasn’t taken its focus from computers. The latest innovations from Apple namely iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air has earned positively enchanting reviews from critics. The recently launched Mac Pro efficiently designed and devised to meet the high performance demands of professional video editors have only added a feather to the throne.

Recently a prototype of the original Mac was put up on eBay attracted bids high as $100,000 which is proof of the love for Mac among consumers till date. To celebrate its milestone, Apple released this reminiscent video on Friday.

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