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2014 here with lots of expectations folded into it not even only for individuals but also for business.As the competition grows manifold and the function of marketing becomes increasingly complex, this new year demand and require a new set of business strategies.

Here’s a roundup of some of the budget friendly, biggest key trends that will dominate this year:

Content Marketing Will Become More Powerful

Several studies have proven that advertising on traditional mediums like radio, television is becoming less effective as compared to advertising on newer and emerging mediums. The principal idea of the content marketing is to create an engaging content that speaks for your business and wins customer’s attention, confidence as well as heart.

Such engaging content can be designed in the form of newsletter; one can receive in a mailbox, case studies, short videos, social media, relevant articles on official and other websites and social media.

A content of such kind can build up an affirmative image among the various stake holders of the business.

Making Images An Integral Part of Content

Popularity of sites like pinterest and buzz-feed are a lesson on how an image centric content can result in more hits. An average consumer is gagged by thousand advertisements in a day. He is likely to leave reading content halfway if he finds it too textual. The idea here is to use ‘relevant’ striking and compelling images to support, combine (in case of info graphics) or even overshadow, the text in some cases.

If we follow this approach, the consumer will remember the image subconsciously and can draw association with the brand on recall.

Be Minimalistic 

A consumer may not be able to grasp complex and profound campaign messages,hence,brevity is the mantra for today.Even,if you critique the messages of certain top brands in Indian as well as international context, they prefer to KISS (keep it simple, silly).

Focus on Mobile Content

According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smart phones. As prices of smart phones and tablets slash, and more and more consumers continue to spend a large share of time on them, content on the cellular platform cannot be possibly ignored. However, create content specific for the mobile platform instead of using one created for say, social media.

Analyzing “Emerging” Social MediaOct13_Business.com_

Social media landscape is undergoing a major re-haul.

Earlier it used to be 

Social media=YouTube+Twitter+LinkedIn+Facebook+ Blog.

But with emergence of sites like Quora,Instagram,Tumblr to name a few, the rules are rewritten and one needs to have an in-depth knowledge about the kind of content to be carried on different social media platforms so to expand brand outreach to large number of audience.

Ad Re-Targeting Will Be Much More Effective

ADR uses cookies to track down the web pages used by a consumer. After tracking, the same advert is displayed across different web pages.

Ad re-targeting   can widen the conversion rate as it helps in building a brand recall and familiarity with the product or service offering by placing it at the top of psychological space of the consumer in a long run.

So, Plan it right !!! 

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