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UntitledWhen death snatches away our loved ones then we are only left with their sweet memories; memories that remain with us through out our lives and are the only way to be attached with our ancestors. But unfortunately even those memories stay only with your generation; you and I could tell a few stories about them to the next generation but actually could not pass it on totally. Wouldn’t it be great if somewhere we can write & preserve such memories of happiness, sorrow, achievements etc so that even the coming generation knows everything about their ancestors? And to make it even better how about this being done over internet so that any one can access such detail in any part of the world, 24*7? Well, the answer to this lies in the India’s first venture of its kind called which is an online repository to keep all the information about your ancestors in an organised way and it allows everyone to store, publish, share and prepare a complete ready reference of their ancestors for future generations.IMG_6967

This venture has been started by Vimal Popat, a commerce graduate with more than 12 years of experience in sales and Vivek Vyas, first generation entrepreneur with around 7 years of experience in sales. The idea came in fluke in while having snacks as the snacks were served on piece of newspaper obituary column page. They felt bit disturbed and these thought “cant these be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally and be remembered and shared?” these questions made them go about this noble portal

They believe that there are lots of learning from the lives of our ancestors; they had their achievements, struggles, and life lessons etc which needs to be known to their generations. At , one can post unlimited biography (Indian regional languages available), personal and family details, social services and charity done by the soul, photos, embedded videos, unlimited condolence messages can be posted from around the world (Indian regional languages), set background music (religious music choice from mantras, chants, Bhajans etc) and set death and birth anniversary reminders for relatives and friends. Also, one can easily update the details as and when required all at one time convenient price of INR 5000 for 30 years.

As of now the portal has more than 240 paid profiles and around 85 complimentary profiles of martyrs, film stars, social leaders, politicians and other public figures. As Indians we wish pass on our cultural legacy to our future generations and with the help of this will be done with utmost ease.

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