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MeraEvents Launches DigiBroc to Revolutionize Information Distribution

MeraEvents, India’s leading event technology solutions provider announces the launch of DigiBroc, an online DigiBroc logoinformation distribution tool that facilitates smarter distribution of communication collaterals across events. Digibroc is designed for the Exhibition and Trade Fair Industry. Digibroc has been created to change the way exhibitors today are delivering their sales collaterals, product information and other critical information that has always been printed in brochures. Digibroc is revolutionizing this process by mobilizing catalogs and brochures and sending personalized brochures. It helps exhibitor to know the details of the visitors who sought access to digital brochure and follow up further based on the visitor interests.

Digibroc enables the visitor at the exhibition stalls to scan the QR code and access the electronic copy of the brochure rather than picking up a physical copy. The visitor can also log in and view the brochures of other stalls in the exhibition he had visited.

Commenting on the launch of this unique offering, Mr. Naidu Darapaneni, Founder and CEO, MeraEvents, said, “DigiBroc is a smarter substitute to the traditional methods of information distribution. The physical copies of collaterals not only costs more in printing and shipping but  eventually end up in dustbin rather than reviewed for the importance of the content. DigiBroc would revolutionize this process by mobilizing information by sending personalized catalogues, manuals, brochures based on user preferences. Thereby allows the exhibitors and organizations know exactly, which product caught their leads’ interests.”


With the advent of DigiBroc, exhibitors and organizations can now distribute their collaterals in four simple steps, i.e,

1. Upload Brochures

2. Send them digitally via mobile devices

3. Capture and Track collateral requests

4. Learn User preferences and get qualified leads

About MeraEvents:

MeraEvents India’s largest events portal completely dedicated to all the Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, and Trade fairs and is embarked on an exciting plan of growth. We are proud of our exponential 300% increase in revenue year after year which is exciting to us as a company of young, dynamic and dedicated professionals. Currently we are a team of 40 professional present in 6 major cities in India (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Pune).

For further details, please contact:

T. Sreekar ReddyPublic Relations – MeraEvents

Mobile: 9959544918

Mail: [email protected]


Naidu DarapaneniFounder & CEO


Mobile: 9885458486

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