MH370: Whom to Blame?


MH370, a flight that started from Kuala Lumpur towards it destination Beijing but just after few hours it went untraceable. From that moment onward thousands of assumption & theories started taking shape but unfortunately till date no solid proof or trace of the flight have been established inspite of the usage of so called sophisticated technology and equipments for the investigation.

Now at this juncture, there are few thoughts that strike my mind; the very first thought to occupy my mind is that if the main pilot disabled the whole communication system then in such a case were the Co-pilot and the crew members (who are very much aware to deal with emergency) just watching the game of death being played by the main pilot? Why did not they make any effort to prevent pilot from doing such an incidence? I can’t buy the argument that they were threatened for death because they were anyway losing their life even if they didn’t take effort because of the communication system failure.

So, this brings me to an inference that there is high probability that the pilot did not do anything intentionally ratherimages the communication system got disabled on its own. If the communication system was disabled on its own due to technical failure then isn’t it Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer to be blamed because they seem to have provided quality which was not upto the mark and caused the whole system to stop without even giving a single indication to air or ground staff?

The last issue that boggles my mind is the statement being made that “We are Super Advanced Technologically”. Are we really technologically advanced? I can’t see that because if we were than at least I don’t expect such mishaps due to technical failure either intentional or unintentional. Further, when we claim to have reached space due to advancement of technology we have failed to trace an aircraft; isn’t that weird?

Now, here who has to be blamed? Hard to say but lot to think!!!


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