Microsoft Creates Guardian for Women

By | December 28, 2013

downloadMicrosoft India studying the situations and crime rates in India has launched Guardian, a safety application for Windows Phone. Guardian accesses Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform and Bing Maps API to let anyone you have put to the list keep track of you only with your wish and will.

 By switching on the “Track Me” feature in you can let people added on the list to track you. The phone holder can also make help calls with an inbuilt SOS button. Guardian as claimed by Microsoft can also be connected to security agencies, hospital and other kinds of help in case of emergency.

 It may seem similar to other women safety apps in the market but what make it unique are its more interestingly helpful features. It sends SOS message about your location details even if the phone is destroyed. It also sends mails and posts to Facebook private groups. The best feature is its one touch video recording that can play evidence. It also helps in reporting an incident.

Microsoft India employees spent six months on developing Guardian within the initiative Microsoft Garage. Microsoft garage is a initiative that allows Microsoft employers to explore and create their ideas. Microsoft India developed this app on the increasing violence and unsafe situation for women in India. Microsoft hopes Guardian to play guardian of women and also reduce crime rates.

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