NetFlix – New Approach

Netflix, the online streaming giant has always been known to be experimenting with their policies to test out the market waters. This time, they have gone with the low price – low quality approach. They have opened up a scheme for a dollar lower than their regular price for streaming videos in the standard definition on just one screen at a time.

Earlier, subscribers used to pay $7.99 for HD streaming on 2 screens, shave off a dollar and you can stream in a standard definition on just one device. The experiment may be partly motivated to find a financial model that discourages password sharing. The deal is only available to some people. A Netflix spokesperson said that the pricing is just a test.

 This deal does not mean that Netflix has lowered its price. It is just a deal they are offering some new customers as a trial. How it will affect the company, only time can tell but the term “lower price” has a nice ring to it. How good, just wait and watch..

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