New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite launched in India


images (2)Global online retailer giant Amazon is bringing its new edition of front-lit e-reader Kindle Paperwhite to India. The new e-reader is available for pre-order and its shipping begins on February 4,2014. The 6-inch Paperwhite weighs just over 200 grams and will be available in two variants. The Wi Fi version comes at Rs. 10,999, while the 3G+WiFi version is priced at Rs. 13,999.

Amazon’s new product boasts of various new and inviting features. Paperwhite has 62 per cent more pixels for brilliant resolution. The e-reader offers an anti-glare display along with higher contrast and better reflectivity providing excellent reading experience in all lighting conditions. With that, you can read and see texts and images with no glare even in bright sunlight. It has a built-in light that guides light towards the surface of the display for comfortable reading. It actually has 25 per cent better contrast for sharp, dark text. Owing to the new processor, Kindle Paperwhite is 25 per cent faster that open books in a few seconds.

 It comes with an internal storage of 2GB allowing it to hold up to 1,100 books. To add to that, books can be automatically downloaded from the cloud owing to the built-in Wi-Fi. It also comes with a feature to share recommendations, highlighted sections and quotes through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For customized viewing that e-reader has new hand-tuned fonts coming in six font styles and eight adjustable sizes. An exciting feature called Time to Read uses the reading speed of the user to tell when will the chapter end. For avid readers, there is a galore of book buying options as well. It offers over 600,000 titles at 200 or less along with hundreds of thousands of Kindle-exclusive titles that are not available anywhere other than this which includes books by best-selling authors.

Paperwhite also has a feature called Free Time which would allow parents to create personalized titles from their library for their kids and track their progress. To top it all, Amazon claims that the new Kindle Paperwhite can be charged in four hours and a single charge can last up to eight weeks, even with the light on, when used for half an hour of reading per day.

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Zoya Rasul

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