Nurturing Brand Equity!!


logoCould anyone have had envisaged, 3 decades ago that a commonly used wall paint could be held so close to the heart by being advertised and portrayed in such an outstandingly creative manner? To position a product which apparently could have been simply perceived as a low feel, high thinking product on the FCB grid was indeed a herculean task impeccably executed by Asian Paints.

Starting from the copper blue turban stealing the fancy of the young woman: ‘mera wala blue’ to the latest heartwarming army personnel custom painting a room in his house to make his newly wedded wife feel at home reinforcing the- ‘har ghar kuch kehta hai’ campaign – one thing that has remained same is the ‘happiness’ factor that has helped the brand to consistently rebuild and reinvent its brand equity through a strong customer connect.

Asian Paints has been a branding stalwart which has planned its promotions, advertisements and publicity in a way that the rational and emotional appeals are interspersed to nurture the psychological sentiments while also snowballing its core competency of being durable and possess superior quality. Amit Syngle, President – Sales& Marketing, Asian Paints recounts -”We were misunderstood when we announced Gattu’s departure from the logo”; however, it also did away with its age old association with the ‘Gattu’ through a well carved out rebranding plan. Asian Paints sparks off offering a wide array of flamboyant colors with its mission to help build a HOME fulfilling the whims and fancies of the average Indian consumer to showcase the customer personality.

Asian paints also made a strategic move by observing the trend that people usually recolor their homes before a wedding, festival or an occasion. It went ahead towards striking a joyous chord taking into account the festive spirit deeply ingrained in the Indian ethos with the ‘khushi ke rang’, and no wonder, its sales triumphantly soared higher! The recent trend?- with their ‘Color with Asian Paints’ stores they emphasize on living up to it through a customer experience program!

A true marketing lesson!

There indeed is a color associated with every beautiful memory and that s the joy of life!

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