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RiteshPracly is a startup based out of Chennai and provides expert advice to entrepreneurs by connecting them with domain experts. They curate the experts and the problem statement as well that reaches the experts. Ritesh, an engineer, management Consultant, and entrepreneur along with Samik  an engineer who worked for over 3 years with Colgate-Palmolive, finally quit his job to take up what he loved since school – Design, started Pracly.After considerable brainstorming, Ritesh and Samik zeroed down on a problem that all of us faced while picking a college. Even though there were relevant information available on Gauravthe internet about the college, it was still difficult to choose amongst X colleges of almost equal repute. During the validation process, they found out that Startup Catalyst was organizing calls for entrepreneurs with other serial entrepreneurs and investors. They grabbed the opportunity and got on a call with one of the investors, who has been on the operations side of startups in his previous avatar.

” The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch”

This additional perspective that they gained during the 30 minute call, helped them to think about the idea with a completely new strategy. They were overwhelmed with the value that they gained from one call and how it could impact their journey in the long run. The lack of support in the Indian startup ecosystem often has been held responsible for less people starting up and more people failing. They could see for themselves how solid support and advice can possibly change the course. All of them unanimously decided to build the support system that every entrepreneur needs at some stage. They wanted entrepreneurs to be able to connect with and talk to domain experts, even if they were sitting in a remote village .

There was no solid reasoning as to why they did not pursue with Edunox, their initial idea and decided to build Pracly. To be honest they just moved ahead with their gut feeling. It was a fling at that time and has now turned into a loyal commitment. A week later, they travelled to Pune and took part at an idea-to-prototype event – In50Hrs, built their prototype and received fantastic response from the mentors and the audience. After their presentation, the moderator asked a question to all the entrepreneurs – ” If these guys go ahead and build Pracly, how many of you would use it?”. Almost everyone raised their hands. That was their Eureka moment. Team Photo

The general notion amongst people that advice is for free. Why should we pay for it? We are trying to instate the value of a platform where someone can reach out to an expert in his field and industry almost real time said Ritesh. They are opting for  word of mouth. Startup community is a pretty tightly knit community. If there is a product, which provides value to an entrepreneur, he/ she will talk about it to other entrepreneurs. And every entrepreneur has a new problem in the business almost each day. May be we could help solve some and reach out to more through them.

They  aim to help more entrepreneurs believe in the platform and use it for any business advice instead of cold mailing people and waiting for them to reply.


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