Pranav Mistry Wishes To Join NAMO Government

Dear Samsung, you seem to be in little trouble now because your veryowntop level employee is willing to quit fromPranav-Mistry-300x300 your organisation and join the current government , may be in form of advisor.

Yes, as per a quote made by Pranav Mistry to a financial daily, he said that ” I am waiting for him to pop the question… and ready to say bye to my lab,”. This Sixth Sense guy and a die heart Modi admirer  said that  ” If I get to be here (in India), I see myself in a role of bringing change to lives of the masses, which is far more satisfying . Adding to this Pranav even seems to have a shadow picture of his role as well in the govrenment as he says that “I… as an advisor to the PM or to the science and technology ministry,”.

In fact, Pranav is supoosed to call on Indian Prime Minister in June. Now this is interesting watch where on one side the common man is rushing away from government and inclining more towards private sector at the same time a person of status like Pranav Mistry is willing to join the Indian government in order bring change to the lives of millions of Indians.

Well, lets hope that India sees a innovation and scientific development under a good leadership and Samsung Sorry but you might need to search another bright MIT guy !! (source)

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