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PunchTatva, A Digital Marketing Firm Coins Wacky Term for its Boutique Agency


UntitledFor an ad agency, it is imperative to come up with smart and creative ideas for its clients; what is more important (to impress your clients at least) is to bring a nice idea to the table and execute the same in a creative way for its own web entity. One agency has done just the job!

At Ahmedabad on April 10, 2014, Copywriters never miss a single opportunity to play with pun – one of their favourite figures of speech. Whether they are writing punch lines for an ad copy or scratching their heads to coin a smart name for any brand, product or even a website, Pun is their darling. And for PunchTatva, a growing branding company India, the same craze worked. So how this creative boutique PunchTatva was christened?

 Explaining the etymology of PunchTatva, Viral Pandya, Social Media Manager at PunchTatva, says, “Punch is one of the most commonly used words in the ad lingo. And Tatva is a typical or necessary part of something. Hence, PunchTatva means element of punch, which has to be there in any brand and brand communications. Apart from its English association, Punch, when pronounced, also means five – a digit in Hindi or Sanskrit. So when the two words are combined into PunchTatva, this single entity alludes to those five classical elements – sky, air, water, fire and earth – mentioned in Hindu Mythology”.

The first connotation has obvious connection with this boutique, but how the second one strikes a chord with PunchTatva – an advertising agency in India.

 Human body is made of those five great classical elements viz. sky, air, water, fire and earth. Each element holds its own unique quality, which makes them inevitable in sustaining ourselves. Sky is infinite and omni-present like our creativity and imagination; air is life we breathe in and out; water is a liquid that flows in our body; fire is our energy and earth is solid, like our muscles & bones.

Now the million-dollar question is: how these classical elements are relevant to the two modern phenomena called branding and advertising? What the hell are they doing here in this small creative group? Well, nothing in this world is without reason. Take any brand as a human being and then compare the two – the body and brand. The body with all these elements and the brand without any. So how does a brand look like if it lacks in energy (fire), life (air), solidity (earth), cohesive force (water) and omni-presence (sky)?

Here PunchTatva, a digital marketing firm, comes in to play a key role for a brand. Viral adds, “Our ideas are as energetic as fire; execution of ideas is as solid as earth; our brains are brimming with infinite imagination; our creativity flows like water and our team is full of life. So we have that PunchTatva in our being and we are here to infuse the same into your brand. Apart from online & offline advertising solutions, PunchTatva also delivers content writing services like website copywriting, print ad copy, Press Release writing, direct mailers, blogs, SEO articles, invitation cards and translation”.

Welcome to this creative new world where the harmony of art, commerce and science creates a punch! They dream tologotype become a top advertising company India.

About PunchTatva.com

PunchTatva is a creative boutique crafting brilliant creative communications for brands. They are a team of brand lunatics. From dawn to dusk, and occasionally even during the graveyard shift, they are working on brands; they survive on brandpotion as it keeps them energetic and fit. Together they create a punch that makes brands solid, a name that etched on the hearts & minds of consumers. They are not University Wits, rather they have a degree from the University of Life, where they learn to peep into human minds, understand the need of customers and then design communications that hit the bullseye. This creative clique boasts copywriters, art directors, web designers, online marketing experts and brandaholics. Their service portfolio includes branding, advertising, digital marketing, and miscellaneous writing services. They go the extra mile for finding perfect solutions for clients.

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