A Real Look Back Video For Facebook


Recently, our new feeds on Facebook wall is being flooded with the ” Look Back Video” being created by Facebook on the account of completion of 10 years. The Look Back Videos of our friends carry few embarrassing, few memorable, few beautiful moments i.e the video turns out to be the “new thing” on Facebook.

But how about dedicating a “Look Back Video” to Facebook, the same as they did on their 10th Birthday? Yes, the same has been done by a Youtube user named  MechaStewart for Facebook. The video is a parody which shows the privacy issues raised, unnecessary advertisements and irritating requests floating on Facebook our wall in all these 10 years.

Well, Mark and Team please do not take this on heart, we have faced this no doubt but at the same time we have enjoyed the Facebooking too all these years.

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Amisha Singh

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